Saturday, November 22, 2008

Square Foot Gardens

Well we dug up the old messed up vegetable garden and revamped it into four square foot gardens. They look awesome and I cant wait to plant some things and see how it goes. We still have to make the soil mix and Im killing myself looking for vermiculite. Apparently its hard to come by in large amounts.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

50 States....Finished!

I have received all the blocks! YAHOO! I just have to make my 3 extras of Idaho, Vermont and Florida to be totally complete. I am just waiting for confirmation from one more participant to whether they got their packages and we are done. It was an awesome and very successful swap. Thanks everyone!
I will be posting the blocks I got from Audrey very soon I swear. They are beautiful:-)


Old Red Barn is having a contest giving away 3 quilts. I found out about this on Audrey's site and I had to enter. I love quilts that are finished and free since I have never finished one to keep for myself ever! I will refuse to share if I win...well maybe with hubby. HAHA! Here are the quilts up for grabs. Pretty!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I just want to say how much I LOVE this. That's all. :-)

50 States Block Swap - Jenicat and McBenno's Blocks

Jenicat and McBenno also participated in the state block swap. They sent together so I will post together. Everyones blocks are so great. Thanks!
These are from McBenno: New York, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Maryland

Also from McBenno: Mississippi, Michigan, Indiana, Virginia

These are from Jenicat: West Virginia, Washington DC, Texas, North Dakota

Also from Jenicat: Nevada, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio

Friday, November 7, 2008

50 States Block Swap - Love2Teach's Blocks

These blocks are from Love2Teach who participated in the swap. Thank you!
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Idaho, Arkansas
California, Kansas, Missouri, Wyoming

50 States Block Swap - Pertelot's Blocks

These blocks came from Pertelot who participated in the swap. Thank you!
Delaware, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachussetts
Louisiana, New Jersey, Connecticut, South Dakota

50 States Block Swap - My Blocks

Over on Craftster I organized a block swap where the participants were assigned 8 states (2 of their choice) to create star blocks for using fabrics which best represented the states. There are 6 participants creating 8 blocks for 6 people so thats 48 blocks each! We had 3 leftover states and we are making those ourselves to fill in the blanks. This was such a fun swap and I cant wait to get all the blocks and make something from them. These are the blocks I created for the swap.
Arizona, South Carolina, Oklahoma, New Mexico
Alaska, Maine, Rhode Island, Hawaii

Red And White Advent Calendar

I saw this project on Allsorts blog last year but it was too late to start. I swore I would make it this year on time so I started it in October. I am about half done sewing all the pockets together and just have to add the numbers onto the flaps. I am going to hang it on our mantle and find some sort of little treat to put in each day for the kids.

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